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Primary Leadership of the Templar Order:

Partial List of Public Leading Officials of the Order



T (100) Knights Templar Illuminated Letters

The Sovereign Magistral Order of the Temple of Solomon is publicly represented as a non-territorial principality and sovereign subject of international law by certain Leading Grand Officers and supporting Crown Officers, who serve as the general leadership team coordinating the institutional work of many other levels of Government Officials.  The most traditional and high-profile positions are presented here as an online leadership brochure.


Official heraldic coat of arms of the Government of the Templar Order as a non-territorial Principality and sovereign subject of international law

Official heraldic coat of arms of the Government of the Templar Order as a non-territorial Principality and sovereign subject of international law

Round Table Governance – Governance of the Grand Mastery is conducted through democratic voting by authentic Templar “Round Table” principles (Temple Rule, 34, 46), following the Templar “Open-Handed Leadership” model of “Support Not Control”. While Leaders hold traditional Titles of Office representing customary governmental “portfolios” of concentration, general responsibilities are shared collectively, there is no artificial hierarchy, and all Grand Officers are equal at the Templar Round Table. Accordingly:


By authentic Templar Round Table principles, it is not possible for any Templar Titles of Office to be arranged and listed in any particular order, as none have priority nor precedence over any others, such that any lists can only be presented with an arbitrary sequence of titles.


(See the Restored Authentic Round Table Titles with Constitutional Definitions)


Note:   All Officers also hold diplomatic status as Ambassadors at Large for the Sovereign Order, and thus may alternately use the higher prenominal style of address “His (Her) Excellency” (H.E.) in connection with their official functions.


Note:  Some Officers may hold additional royal, nobiliary or ecclesiastical titles, which may be of higher level than the present titles and forms of address used in the Order, and thus may use such titles separately as they deem appropriate.


Partial List:  This overview presents only a partial list of those Officers who currently have the most visible public functions.  All other officials are confirmed by formal credentials issued by the Templar Order, or by designation of their status on the official membership platform of the Order.


Grand Master

Prince Judge Matthew of Thebes

J.D., Ph.D., D.Sc., J.S.D., J.C.D.


His Most Eminent Highness (M.E.H.) Prince Judge Matthew has decades of experience in international law and governmental security, holds career Judiciary status in the legal profession, and is a leading historian and archaeologist.


He holds a Bachelor of Arts (B.A.) in Foreign Languages (1993) from Union College (terms abroad at University of Rennes France), relevant to translating ancient and medieval documents.  He completed a Master of Science (M.S.) in Electrical Engineering (1996) from the Pontifical Academy of Sacred Sciences (externship at Moscow State Technical University), specializing in systems analysis.


He holds a Juris Doctor (J.D.) in International Law (1997) from Dickinson School of Law, and completed a Doctor of Philosophy (Ph.D.) in International Affairs (2001) from the Crown Institute of Geopolitics and Diplomacy (externship at Russian Academy of Natural Sciences), and “Professorship” Doctor of Juridical Science (J.S.D.) in International Law (2008) from the Crown Institute of Law and Justice (externship at Tver State University Russia).


He completed a “Professorship” Doctor of Science (D.Sc.) in Archaeology and Egyptology (2012) from the Pontifical Academy of History and Culture (externships at Russian Ministry of Culture and Cairo University), and Juris Canonici Doctor (J.C.D.) in Canon Law (2016), from the Crown Institute of Law and Justice (externship at Vatican-Anglican Franciscan Brotherhood).


Prince Judge Matthew began his career as Chief of Operations for the Strategic Service for International Security (1994-2009), a multinational private security firm, providing legal security and protection of critical infrastructure for governmental clients, and empowering private sector industries with government caliber security resources.  He provided training for national law enforcement agencies, and support for the Judiciary and prosecutors in organized crime and corruption cases.


He shifted his career to become Chief Legal Counsel of the Historical Preservation Society (HPS) based in London (2008-2012), applying his international law skills to facilitate the restoration of sovereign historical institutions, as a strategic vehicle for projects supporting human rights.


He is officially a Prince under Canon law as customary international law, as the elected and installed Grand Master of the restored Order of the Temple of Solomon (2013), which was granted independent sovereignty of statehood as a non-territorial Principality, by the Vatican Papal Bull “Omne Datum Optimum” of 1139 AD.


He was vetted and established as a government accredited International Judge for Courts of Justice worldwide (2013), registered with a national Ministry of Justice, specializing in human rights and cross-border enforcement.


By chivalric, nobiliary and heraldic law under Canon law, all as customary international law, Prince Matthew is officially the 24th Grand Master of the Templar Order, succeeding Jacques de Molay after 700 years of abeyance, thereby becoming the first official Grand Master of the original and fully restored 12th century Knights Templar in the modern era.


As the Templar Prince Grand Master, he also serves as Coadjutor Pontiff (Coadiutoris Pontifex) of the restored 12th century Ancient Catholic Church preserved by the Templar Order, representing the original 1st century denomination of Ancient Catholicism.


For detailed facts supported by evidence of the legitimacy and good standing of Prince Matthew, proving any attempted defamation to be knowingly false and illegal, see the topic: “Verified Integrity of the Prince Grand Master


Grand Chancellor

Prince Peter of Nusantara, B.B.A., D.P.P.


His Highness (H.H.) Peter Brower Wagoner – Prince of Nusantara, completed a Bachelor of Business Administration (B.B.A.) in Financial Architecture (1992), thesis on “Asset-Backed Instruments for Financial Independence”, from the State College of Management and Economics (externship at Boston University).


He completed a Master of Public Policy (M.P.P.) in Economic Technologies (2010), thesis on “Scientific Methodology for Sustainable Economic Empowerment of Humanity”, and Doctor of Public Policy (D.P.P.) in Socio-Economic Systems (2013), dissertation on “New Paradigms of Strategic Socio-Economic Empowerment of World Peoples by the Geopolitics of Sovereignty”, from the Crown Institute of Geopolitics and Diplomacy (externships at Bircham International University).


He was established as Prince of Nusantara (2013) by H.R.H. Crown Prince Bungsu Mudakir (from Indonesian Queen Kanjeng Umi Ratu Roro Kidul of Dakka Atlantea, and as a son of President Soekarno by consort Machasi), confirmed by three blessing ceremonies with King Dato Abu Wahab and Queen Dewi Kwan Im of the Kingdom of Bantan Nusantara (ancient Archipelago islands) of West Java (from ca. 14,000 BC), representing the Five Sacred Royal Houses of Southeast Asia (Medang Kamolan, Padjadjaran Poerwa, Mataram Binoeangeun, Dakka Atlantea, and Poerwa Tjarita).


He began his economic policy career as Senior Vice President of Citi-Group’s Primerica Financial Services (1984-1989), establishing 7 branch offices, training over 1,000 staff, and providing licensed management of securities, mortgages, mutual funds and insurance products. He continued as an expert Economics Lecturer for national training seminars (1990-2002) for various financial institutions including Ameri-Quest Mortgage Company.


He serves as Senior Vice President of Transformer Films based in California (since 2002), managing finance operations and development strategies, providing international private banking facilities to finance partners, and operating secured buy-sell transactions for investment grade securities. Experience includes working with the primary partner and film producer Robert Watts, who produced the first 3 Star Wars and first 3 Indiana Jones movies, and supporting the development of 28 new films of other thought-provoking stories further promoting the awakening process of humanity.


Prince Peter serves as Vice Chairman of Blue Ocean Sentra Sejahtera “BOSS” (since 2012), a non-governmental organization (NGO) based in Hong Kong, providing government consulting, facilitation and trust management of private banking facilities and sovereign wealth funds, and arrangement of multinational financial trading platforms, specializing in humanitarian project funding.


Prince Peter of Nusantara earned official legalized European nobility peerage as a Knight, by juridical Fons Honourum authority of the Order of the Temple of Solomon (2017), and was elected and installed as Grand Chancellor (2018) for the Order as a sovereign subject of international law.


Grand Seneschal

Dame Alison McLean, B.A., M.P.A., M.Ed.


Dame Alison McLean holds a Bachelor of Arts (B.A.) in Economics from Goucher College in Maryland (1985). She completed a Master of Public Administration (M.P.A.) in Intergovernmental Programs and Practices (1992) from State College of Management and Economics (externship at Japan Local Government Center), and completed a Master of Education (M.Ed.) in Leadership Development Training (2009), from State College of Humanitarian Education (certification studies at Newtown Institute).


She began her career working on the Naval Command Database for the US Department of Defense (1983), receiving the Special Act of Service Award medal for civilian achievement.


As Institutional Services Manager for Smith Barney Harris & Upham (1985-1988), a Wall Street securities brokerage firm in New York (later merged into Morgan Stanley bank), she handled asset management for governments and institutions. As Assistant to the Public Relations Director of Estee Lauder in New York (1988-1989), the multinational cosmetics corporation, she managed a diverse portfolio of 25+ brands in 150 countries.


As Program Director of the Japan Local Government Center (JLGC) of the Japan Council of Local Authorities for International Relations (CLAIR) in New York (1989-1992), she facilitated cooperation with government counterparts in the United States and Canada, developed internships and exchange programs, wrote reports on best practices in governmental systems, counseled high-ranking officials in American institutional culture, and served as a speech writer and coach for Governor Suzuki of Tokyo for official presentations in the United Nations.


As Assistant Director of the Main Street America Program of the National Trust for Historic Preservation (1993-1997), she implemented programs to revitalize neighborhoods to develop thriving communities, and established Historic Southtown in San Antionio, Texas as a tourist destination, by combining historical preservation with business development.


At the law firm Mayer Brown Row & Maw in Los Angeles, she became a Paralegal (1997-1998), working on a high-profile case involving Ritz Carlton Hotels and a Saudi Arabian Sheikh, quickly promoted to Non-Legal Staff Supervisor (1998-2000), directing work-flow and training of over 150 staff, further promoted to Attorney Programs Manager (2000-2002), administering law school internships and Continuing Legal Education (CLE) compliance for lawyers.


As Business Manager and Executive Assistant at the accounting firm Shuwarger & Company in Los Angeles (2002-2006), she worked with the President on major accounts, and coordinated operations of accountants and lawyers.


Dame Alison is founder of the Sovereign Woman non-profit workshop and coaching organization (since 2009), focusing on women’s empowerment through developing mature and self-responsible female leaders. She also reestablished the Order of Sovereign Grail Queens (since 2013), a chivalric and spiritual female Priesthood with ancient Sumerian origins, as the heritage of the 1st century Saint Mary Magdalene discipleship and 12th century Holy Grail traditions of the Knights Templar.


She was recruited as Director of Operations of Victory Cheval Holdings (2016-2018), a luxury multi-purpose event center, polo club, equestrian facility and ranch venue in Texas, where she established management and operating systems for all departments.


Dame Alison McLean earned official legalized European nobility peerage as a Dame, by juridical Fons Honourum authority of the Order of the Temple of Solomon (2017), and was elected and installed as Grand Seneschal for the Order as a sovereign subject of international law.


Grand Preceptor

Professor Gavin Davidson, M.Ed., Ph.D., Prof.D.


Professor Gavin Davidson completed a Bachelor of Education (B.Ed.) in Pedagogy and Research (1984), and a Master of Education (M.Ed.) in Group Teaching Programs (1991) from Royal College of Humanitarian Education (studies and training at Franciscan University of the Brotherhood of Saint Francis of Assisi in Derby, England).


He completed a Doctor of Philosophy (Ph.D.) in Biblical Archaeology (2008) from the Royal Academy of History and Culture (studies at Franciscan University in England), with dissertation on “Ancient History and Biblical Archaeology Revealing the Pillars of Human Civilization”.


He completed a post-doctorate Professorship Doctorate (Prof.D.) in Public Policy (2012) from the Royal Institute of Geopolitics and Diplomacy (studies at Center for International Sovereignty and Security), with dissertation on “Modern Applications of Historical Economics in Geopolitics and Human Rights”.


He served as Director of Policy Strategies for the Historical Preservation Society (HPS) in London (2007-2012), overseeing HPS sponsorship of archaeological operations and site surveys in Egypt, providing research and development of strategic public policy concepts, for positive social impact of reconnecting the ancient origins of classical religions, and for applying ancient knowledge to geopolitics as time-tested solutions to modern problems.


He was appointed Chief of Development Projects by the inter-governmental Council on Alternative Policy Studies (CAPS) “Think Tank” (since 2012), providing advanced research and editorial review for inter-governmental “white paper” reports for national governments and presidential administrations of diverse countries; Developing humanitarian public policies for economic aspects of geopolitics, upholding national sovereignty while promoting international security.


Gavin was established as a Full Professor of Ignita Veritas University (since 2014) with Tenure in its Archaeology Faculty and its Diplomatic Academy; Conducting research and development of geopolitical strategies for restoring ancient historical institutions as sovereign subjects of international law in diplomatic relations; Restoring and applying ancient technologies of economic, legal and natural sciences as the pillars of human civilization.


Professor Gavin Davidson earned official legalized European nobility peerage as a Knight, by juridical Fons Honourum authority of the Order of the Temple of Solomon (2007), and was elected and installed as Grand Preceptor for the Order as a sovereign subject of international law.


Grand Canon

Pontiff Cardinal Khern S. Oliver, D.Div., J.C.L.


His Holiness (H.H.) Pontiff Khern Oliver has decades of ecclesiastical experience in classical Churches of various canonical denominations of Catholicism.


He began his ecclesiastical career in the Brotherhood of Saint Francis of Assisi (BSFA) of the Roman Catholic Church, the Anglican mission of the Franciscan Order from 1212 AD (recognized by the Bishop of Salisbury in communion with the Church of England in 1931 AD).  As a Vatican Franciscan he was ordained into minor orders (1997), and as a Deacon and Priest (1998) in Derby England.  He was initiated into the Sacred Order of Benedictine Brothers (2004), specializing in investigations of energy manifestations and exorcisms.  With additional seminary studies in the Essene Orthodox Church, he completed a Master of Theology (M.Th.) in Catholic Mysticism from the Wedgewood Seminary of the Order of Saint Thomas (2009), and was elevated to Doctor of Divinity (D.Div. Honoris Causa, for earned merit) in Classical Old Catholicism by the Chivalric Order of Saint Daniel (2010).


Khern was consecrated as a Bishop by the Old Roman Catholic Church in Lutterworth, England (2010), and elevated to Archbishop by Corpus Christi Ecumenical Fellowship (2011).  He completed a Licentiate of Canon Law (J.C.L.) in Canonical Old Catholicism under an externship of Ignita Veritas University (2014), and was elevated to Cardinal of the Ancient Catholic Church (2014).


Canonically incardinated exclusively into the Ancient Catholic Church, Khern is not subject to the ecclesiastical jurisdiction of any other external Church, although by Canon law many Clergy and Bishops of his former Churches remain under Khern’s Episcopal jurisdiction as their ordinator and consecrator.


Cardinal Khern was strategically vested with multiple lines of Apostolic Succession by the 12th century Independent Church Movement, the derivative 19th century Old Catholic Movement, and the resulting 20th century Liberal and Reformed Catholic Movement, as a figurehead to reunite all of these movements, which are recognized by the Vatican.  This led to his founding the Independent Rite of Catholic Churches (2010), culminating in the full restoration of the 12th century Ancient Catholic Church (2015).


After primary service and ministry in the Vatican Franciscan Brotherhood (1997-2004), he practiced active Episcopal ministry in Corpus Christi Ecumenical Fellowship (2004-2014), and the Celtic Church of the Good Shepherd (2008-2014).  He now serves as the Supreme Pontiff (Pontifex Summus) of the 1st century denomination of Ancient Catholicism, as Pontifical Prelate of the Curia and College of Bishops of the Ancient Catholic Church.


Pontiff Khern continued the Brotherhood of Saint Francis from Reverend Father Superior Thomas Aquinas (from 2004), becoming the lineal canonical successor as the last remaining survivor of that Franciscan Order (since ca. 2010).  The juridical patrimony of the Brotherhood of Saint Francis thus became canonically vested in the Ancient Catholic Church through Pontiff Khern (2015).


As the Ancient Catholic Pontiff, Cardinal Khern Oliver constitutionally holds the position of Grand Canon for the Order as a sovereign subject of international law, thus serving as Chief Advisor to the Grand Mastery on all canonical and ecclesiastical matters.


Grand Alchemist

Dame Robyn Davis — “Grand Dame Poobah”


Dame Robyn Davis is a pioneering leader in electronic media and online community development for social and humanitarian movements.  As Grand Alchemist, she develops, mobilizes and inspires social movements of awakening and transformation, bringing ancient Templar principles and values into modern popular culture.  For this highly creative work outside-the-box, bringing fun and humour back into traditions, she is recognized with the alternate honourary title of “Grand Dame Poobah”.


She studied at Harper College (1986-1989), with Fortune 100 courses at Leo Burnett Worldwide (1994-1996), in the United States.


She was recruited as Creative Director and founding partner of River West Services in Chicago (1989-1994), a marketing agency and printing company, one of the first pioneering “desktop publishing” firms for digital graphic design and pre-press print production.


She became General Production Manager (GPM) of Capps Digital Studio of Leo Burnett Chicago (1994-1997), for pre-press print production of digital media and print marketing campaigns for Fortune 100 brands, including Walt Disney, Nintendo, Reebok, Ameritech and Kraft Foods.


As Production Manager and Content Developer, she co-founded Streams Online Media (1997-1998), one of the first website design and interactive platform development firms in Midwest United States, managing projects, coordinating designers and programmers, and creating original content.


She was Director of Innovation for Participate Systems social media management in Chicago (1998-2001), specializing in development of online communities: She trained and directed Social Media Management teams with over 150 staff, developing new technologies for interactive marketing for corporate clients, including AT&T, Microsoft’s MSN, Ace Hardware, eBook, and Accent Health.


She established “Birdznest Photography” in Los Angeles (2001-2013), providing design, branding and relationship marketing through digital photo production, which became “Robyn Davis::Being” in Studio City, California (since 2013), specializing in creative strategies for institutions.


As a dedicated human rights advocate, she founded the grass-roots non-profit “Justice 4 Humanity” (2015), supporting an innovative “next-generation” inter-governmental human rights Court of the independent Judiciary, with universal jurisdiction internationally.


Dame Robyn became Art Director of The Miller Group marketing firm in Los Angeles (since 2016), providing art design and production for institutional branding, print and online digital media.


Dame Robyn Davis earned official legalized European nobility peerage as a Dame, by juridical Fons Honourum authority of the Order of the Temple of Solomon (2014), and was elected and installed as Grand Alchemist for the Order as a sovereign subject of international law.


Grand Registrar

Sir Christian Sharpe, B.B.A.


Sir Christian Sharpe holds a Bachelor of Business Administration (B.B.A.) in Property Services Management (2011) from State College of Management and Economics (externships at Real Estate Institute of Western Australia, Central Institute of Technology of the Government of Australia, Aspire Performance Training academy, and certification courses at Ray White Real Estate Training).


He began his professional career as Instructor for the British Royal Life Saving Society (1982-1986), decorated with the Award of Merit and Bronze Medallion. He further served in humanitarian emergency and disaster relief, being trained to Emergency Medical Technician Standard with Saint John’s Ambulance Service, and the Underground Mines Rescue Team of Leinster, Western Australia (1998-2003).


He worked as an Operator for Gearhart Australia Wireline & Drilling (1988-1998), gaining industrial experience in oil, gas and mineral exploration, mining and production, and continued as a Mining Operator for Leinster Nickel Operations (1998-2003).


He expanded his professional skills as a Retail and Marketing Manager for “Geodetic Supply and Repair” manufacturing company (2003-2006), handling business, sales and customer service operations, and providing website development. This general business experience led to becoming Founder and Director of the Limestone & ColourBond Landscaping company (2006-2009).


He shifted his career to real estate sales and property management services, earning a Real Estate Agent License from the Australian Department of Commerce (2009).


As Managing Director of Ray White Victoria Park real estate agency in Perth (2011-2015), he managed a $92 million portfolio of rental properties and achieved $41 million of property sales, managing a team of 15 staff and 9 contractors, achieving the rating of being a “Top 10 Ray White Office”.


As Managing Director of CNS Group in Perth (2015-2018), he directed and coordinated management solutions, legal, accounting and insurance projects, for a group of property companies, including employees and contractors, while providing client-based professional services.


As a Sales & Leasing Agent at Ray White Aldridge & Associates in Perth (since 2017), he provided diverse property services management operations.


Sir Christian Sharpe earned official legalized European nobility peerage as a Knight, by juridical Fons Honourum authority of the Order of the Temple of Solomon (2018), and was elected and installed as Grand Registrar (2019) for the Order as a sovereign subject of international law.



All Officers of the Templar Government are vetted by international standards for National Security Clearances. Any attempted defamation against any Officers is thus both false and illegal. To learn about the common deceptive methods widely used for defamation, and how to detect them, see the topic: “Exposing the Evils of False Defamation”.


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