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Order of the Temple of Solomon, the institution of the Knights Templar, founded in 1118 AD, a Sovereign Principality in 1120 AD confirmed in 1139 AD, Restored as a non-territorial State in 2013 AD, practicing Templar Chivalry as a modern way of life.


Living Heritage of the Knights Templar Restored:

A Topical Encyclopedia


6th Edition, Geneva (2020)

Prince Judge Matthew of Thebes (Editor)

J.D., Ph.D., D.Sc., J.S.D., J.C.D.

King’s Counsel (K.C.), Privy Councillor (P.C.)


This Official Site of the restored Templar Order is not simply a “website”.  This is a complete online university level textbook, as a “Topical Encyclopedia”, organized by larger topics for deeper understanding.  This book is over 620 pages (if printed), including over 1,540 numbered source references.


As the astronomer Carl Sagan said ca. 1980, paraphrasing from the physicist Pierre LaPlace in 1812 AD, from the philosopher David Hume in 1748 AD:


Extraordinary claims require extraordinary evidence


In that scholarly spirit of Factual Truth, this Official Site was developed to entirely skip the modern practice of making “claims”, and directly proceed to deliver volumes of evidence.


The required “extraordinary evidence” is provided as verifiable academic source references, directly from primary sources of the historical record and authoritative scholarship, in hundreds of numbered footnotes, consisting of conclusive evidence, such that all facts in these materials are proven publicly.


These materials feature extensive quotes, directly from historical documents, allowing the founding ancestors of the original Templar Order to tell us the Truth, as they lived it, in their own words, as written by their own hand.


Featured Topic Reports

The restored Templar Order does not present merely some “version” of history, does not rely on any “secrets” of some “oral tradition” of history, and does not ask people to “believe” in its statements by its own authority.  All facts which could be questioned as “unknown” or “controversial”, are solidly backed by evidence and quotes from primary sources, with source references.


Therefore, here all “lost history” is restored and provided as “found”, all “unsolved mysteries” are fully revealed as “solved”, and all “secrets” are made public as the collective heritage of humanity, all for the original Templar mission of promoting Chivalry for upholding the pillars of civilization.


Color Coded Quotes Indicating Sources


Quotes are color coded for convenience of visual reference, to indicate the types of primary sources, as follows:

Brown Quotes indicate Historical sources;

Blue Quotes indicate Modern academic sources;

Purple Quotes indicate Canon law sources;

Red Quotes indicate Royal or Nobility sources;

Green Quotes are Popular or Restored sayings.


Bible Quotes from King James Version


All Bible verses throughout these materials are quoted from the

Authorized King James Version (AKJV)

Cambridge University Press (1990)


From Original Languages – For the Christian Bible, the New Testament was originally written in Greek (ca. 70-115 AD), based upon the Old Testament from the Greek Septuagint (260-132 BC), which was translated from the original Aramaic scriptures. The King James Bible was translated from these works in Greek and Aramaic in 1611 AD, further verified and refined by Oxford and Cambridge Universities by 1769 AD. The resulting Authorized King James Version (AKJV) has since been considered the most accurate Bible for authoritative academic scholarship.


Ancient Dating by Conventional Timeline


Compatible with Young Earth – The encyclopedic writings of the Templar Order include various topics of ancient Templar heritage, citing some dates as early as ca. 10,000 BC. This is not any rejection of Creationist “Young Earth” beliefs, based on calculations from literal interpretations of the Biblical Book of Genesis, some dating the beginning of humanity to ca. 4,000 BC, and others to ca. 11,000 BC (based on gaps in Genesis 5 and 11).


Academic Standard Needed – The Templar Order must use the international standard dating system of the conventional timeline of academia. This is necessary for cross-references with ancient manuscripts, antique books and encyclopedias, and university archaeology, in the context of the full historical record. Such compatibility continually results in discoveries further restoring ancient Templar heritage, as the Order processes more historical sources.


Study Aids and Accessibility


This site features two key Study Aid tools, to enhance reading comprehension for all, assist those who are not accustomed to reading long texts, and provide accessibility for people with dyslexia or autism.  (Available on computers, not on mobile devices)


Speak Text Reader – The “Speak Text” button (bottom right) is a text-to-speech reader, which works in combination with the Translate Flags (top).  In any language, chosen using the Translate Flags, Select Text and press the Play button, and it will read the text aloud.


Yellow Highlighting – Selecting Text (with mouse) now shows “Yellow Highlighting”.  This is a strong visual aid to help focus on one part at a time for reading, reducing distractions.  It is even more effective in combination with the Speak Text reading the Yellow Highlighted text aloud.

(For both Speak Text and Yellow Highlighting, “Triple Click” of the mouse selects a whole paragraph.)



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